4 Rules for Eating in a Foreign Country by Cinfully Simple

Wow, our #2WorldsCollideTour to Tokyo and Guam was pretty awesome and we probably had some of the most adventurous eating experiences EVER. If you like to travel the world but have born-in-the-midwest tastebuds like us, these are the 4 Rules for Eating in a Foreign Country.

  1. Wait until you are really hungry before you eat

  2. Do not look too closely at what you are about to eat

  3. Do not chew too long (one, two, three swallow)

  4. Always have a beer chaser at the ready

As food and travel bloggers you’d think we’d be up for any kind of tasty treat or delectable delicacy; and though we are certainly considered super adventurous foodies in some circles we are really not so much in international ones. I will say we try almost everything so we do get credit for that. But in a lot of cases we play it a little safe, partly because we are culinary cluck clucks and partly because Montezuma’s revenge is no fun in Mexico nor anywhere else!

From raw fish and sushi, to paté to octopus to gelatinous pork and chicken parts and many other things indiscernible, this was truly a #FearFactor food experience for Doc n Me. Starting on our United Polaris flight from Denver to Tokyo we had EEL with our appetizer plate. (Nope. Never Again) Then in Tokyo we thought we were finally being safe by eating Italian food we were faced with an entire plate of anyone’s guess appetizers. That one really tested our limits and with the language barrier, no one could tell us what we were eating.

I know your wondering, what was our favorite food adventure? Poke Tuna! Raw ahi tuna marinated in ginger, soy and sesame. Doesn’t even taste like fish I swear. And that’s from the girl with the olfactory super power.

Before we frighten you off of eating while traveling internationally, you should know there were lots of yummy things to eat on this trip too! Ice cream and teppanyaki in Japan, a Monster Hamburger in Guam and the buffet at the Courtyard Marriott Ginza (20% off with affiliate link) was amazeballs!

Life is about adventure and FOOD is part of the ride! Eat something odd today!
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Stay tuned for more Two Worlds Collide Tokyo and Guam Posts all this month!

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Dear Guam, we LOVE you!

Given the recent nuclear threats made to Guam by North Korea. All of us at Cinfully Simple would like to extend our heartfelt concern, love and light to our new friends and neighbors in Guam and we’d like to encourage everyone reading this to do the same. Please direct your positive thoughts and prayers to Guam, our country and yes, even North Korea and President Trump until this mess is figured out. The people of Guam were wonderful and kind to us. They are good people who never asked to be put in this situation. No one deserves to live in the fear that is created by the threat of war. I’m no Pollyanna but I do wish people would learn to use their powers for good in this world. You can share your support for Guam by posting with #PeacePleaseInGuam.

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