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Many have asked when is our next trip. Believe it or not we’ve had a few in the last couple months and as always we are way behind getting the pictorial goods to you, but I think you’ll forgive us when you see this one…

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Aloha Hawaii!

To those of you who think all we do is travel and have a good time I will have you know this is a work trip! 

Ok, ok. Part of it is a work trip but like the good travelers we are we have found a way to maximize our time and hit a couple extra Islands! Shocker, I know. 

I blame it on my father. I was an airline brat and started visiting Hawaii as a toddler and if there’s one thing I’ve learned about expensive vacation destinations is that when when you don’t have cover the cost of the flight, you take advantage of that by staying longer and seeing everything you can! 

CC and I have now visited all of the popular Hawaiian Islands together but it’s been a while since we’ve been back. Mexico stole our hearts in the mean time (plus, WAY cheaper!). So this is a comeback tour for us. And now it’s your comeback tour as well, because back in the day we weren’t online to give you the goods! 

I’m not going to lie. Spoiled comes to mind when I think of our travel life. So much so that I hesitate to even tell you about this trip because we’re frankly a little embarrassed by our accommodations. Rest assured it has everything to do with the fact than we are point whores, collecting miles and points a plenty for every single dime we spend as well as every single flight, hotel and car rental in order to support our travel habit. 

And, in the spirit of good blogging we assume that there are people who can afford to pay full price for these accommodations and they might want to know the ins and outs of staying at some of the most luxurious hotels in Hawaii. There are also those like us who have thousands of points and know how to use them! Besides… Pictures! Videos! Food! ???? OH YEAH!

Maholo for reading and see you in Hawaii!




Hawaii (The big island)


The Ritz Carlton Kapalua

The Westin Princeville (timeshare)

The Grand Waialea – Waldorf Astoria Maui (There’s a story here – I’ll share it with you later)

Sheraton Kona Resort & Spa


cc and dr dp in water in hawaii with snorkels


Super foodie sidekick to #DrDP; digital storyteller, part time ginger and queen of convenience with more ideas than time. I go by #CC #CinfulCindy #CinfullySimple

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