Check out my “dump cook” skills in this easy to make Best Bison Cowboy Chili recipe with companion How To video. This is a SIMPLE slow cooker recipe; just dump it in, turn it on and walk away until it’s done! This is some of the Best Bison Cowboy Chili you will EVER have—YEEHAW! 

The Sorted History Of The Best Bison Cowboy Chili Ever!

Having lived in the great state of Texas for over a decade, I had more than my share of cowboy chili. I’ve had some real bad chili and I’ve had some of the good stuff—I’ve also had some that about blew my socks off if ya know what I mean, and I’ve tried my share of recipes. I swear to you in the name of John Wayne that this is the BEST of the best!

So, why “Cowboy Chili” and not just “Chili?” Now that I live in Colorado, I have to make that distinction because there’s a BIG DIFFERENCE between CHILE in Colorado and the COWBOY CHILI in Texas; Y’all!

Watch this HOW TO make the Best Bison Cowboy Chili video and I’ll tell ya why! 

The Best Bison Cowboy Chili is the kind that makes ya think of campfires and cattle rustlers. Like an old Western where the outlaws get chased off mid-supp and the law men sit down to steal their dinner! Ok maybe that’s a little too Clint Eastwood for this post but you get the drift. 

This recipe is made all the more fun because I’m not just gonna TELL you how to make it, I’m gonna SHOW you how to make it!

Thanks to my new “official” videographer/video editor! Let’s hear a big Woot! Woot! for her!

…And now, I can tell you the job has been added to the long list of other titles Ms. Double Portions (DP) has on this website! Cuz’ this train ain’t gonna drive itself to the OK Corral! If you want adventure, good eats, recipes, how to’s and fabulous food porn, you’re gonna have to rely on both of us to make it happen!

I must admit this IS one of our best videos yet and I have DP to thank cuz’ she spent the whole of Memorial Day Weekend learning Final Cut Pro X to crank it out! Am I a lucky girl or WHAT?

Why Bison?

Bison is a very lean red meat that is tasty, tender and has fewer calories as well as a lower fat content and less cholesterol than beef. It’s also said to be easier for the body to process. If you’d like to learn more about Bison (also known as Buffalo meat) or find out where you can buy it in your area, check out the National Bison AssociationCanadian Bison Association and Rocky Mountain Buffalo Association websites.

So What’s The Secret To The Best Bison Cowboy Chili?

BEER! Specifically, New Beligium’s 1554 Black Lager! I do more cooking with booze than I should admit but in this case the outcome is well worth it. I only wish I had room for more beer in the pot! Oh well, guess that just means more for me and DP to drink WHILE cooking!


Best Buffalo Bison Cowboy Chili Serving Suggestion:

We love this chili served with a topping of nonfat Greek yogurt, diced or grape tomatoes (try this kitchen hack), avocado and tortilla chips! It’s a bit like another Texas favorite of mine, Frito Pie!


The Best Bison Cowboy Chili also makes a great addition to any lunch box!

Best Buffalo Bison Cowboy Chili Beverage Pairing Suggestion:


Obviously New Belgium’s 1554 would pair perfectly with this dish! Besides, you’ve gotta finish the 6-pack!   


You may have noticed, we’re big fans of the Concha Y Toro family of wines, which includes Frontera and Casillero Del Diablo–or the devil’s locker–right up my Cinful alley!   So for the Best Bison Cowboy Chili try something sassy and bold that you can only get in Argentina, Malbec! This wine also happens to have made our Top 10 Under $20!


We call this #BoozeWithAView! This wine also happens to have made our Top 10 Under $20!

So let’s cut to the chase and git er’ done. The Best Buffalo Bison Cowboy Chili is comin’ right up!


And here’s the recipe card just in case you need it!


Best Bison Cowboy Chili Recipe

Test our your “dump cook” skills in this easy to make Best Bison Cowboy Chili recipe with companion How To video. This is a SIMPLE slow cooker recipe; just dump it in, turn it on and walk away until it’s done! This is some of the Best Bison Cowboy Chili you will EVER have—YEEHAW!
Course Dinner
Cuisine American
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 6 hours
Total Time 6 hours 15 minutes
Servings 20
Recipe Creator Cinfully Simple


  • 2 lbs ground bison/buffalo meat
  • 2 c fire roasted green chilies chopped
  • 1 can organic Red Kidney Beans
  • 1 can organic White Kidney Beans Cannelini
  • 1 can organic Black Beans
  • 1 can organic Pinto Beans
  • 2 large can organic Muir Glen fire roasted diced tomatoes Muir Farms
  • 1 bottle New Belgium 1554 black lager or other dark lager or amber
  • 4-5 toes minced garlic
  • 1/8 c dried onion flakes
  • 1 T cumin more if you prefer
  • 1 T chili powder more if you prefer
  • 1/3 c chopped parsley
  • salt to taste
  • pepper to taste


  1. Dump everything into a very large crockpot
  2. Turn it on high for 4-6 hours
  3. If not pre cooking meat, stir about every 90 minutes with a wooden spoon to break up meat.
  4. Seasoning usually works best a couple of hours in, but if you have to leave for the office, season a little at the start and season a little about 30 minutes before serving and always season to taste!


If you don’t have bison or buffalo meat in your state, feel free to use lean ground beef or ground turkey. It’s important to use lean meat if your using the dump method like in my video!
If you can’t find fire roasted green chiles fresh or in your freezer section, Ortega sells them in cans.

Shout Out!

One last thing before the dumping begins. I’d like to give a quick shout out to my friends at #CansGetYouCooking! Because not only is this recipe made up almost exclusively of canned goods, but I also WON a gift pack from their last Twitter Chat and it contained the wooden spoon that helped me make the Best Bison Cowboy Chili ever! WOO HOO! Thanks Cans Get You Cooking!


Thanks #CansGetYouCooking!

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