This is a perfect post for a Friday just before Ski season begins! Breckenridge opens the slopes on November 13th this year! Have you ever spent time in beautiful Breckenridge, CO? If not, you should! Ever wonder where to eat while you’re there? Check out this Best Of Breckenridge Colorado post before your next trip! 


When I arrived in Colorado back in 1993, Breckenridge was my favorite mountain hangout. Besides the traditional summer camping, we were winter campers and made a tradition of spending New Years Eve in the ski-free parking lots. Back then camping in the parking lots was allowed.


Our coldest night camping in Breckenridge was 25 below zero. We were testing out our new 4-season camper and it passed!  My favorite winter camping story was the night it snowed 2-3 feet of powder and we were in our Chalet Alpine A-frame camper sleeping soundly. The wind was blowing so hard that the gusts would push a little snow through the camper roof and then the moments later, the snow dust would feather our faces. WTF was that?!

Then, somewhere around 3am the largest bulldozer you could ever imagine arrived to do snow removal. There is nothing like the sound of a bulldozer coming full speed towards you as you lie there quietly wondering where it will doze next–like over us. The bulldozer cleared the snow as best it could, leaving a 4 foot snow wall around us. We didn’t snowshoe that day, we dug out.


My other favorite camping night was one New Years Eve. We wanted to see the ‘candlelight parade’ come down the slopes. We arrived early in the day, set up camp, did some snowshoeing, and because we owned weeks at two fabulous timeshares at Breckenridge Grand Vacations we were able to use their day use privileges and soak in the hot-tubs, go for a swim in their indoor/outdoor pools and then take a heavenly, steaming hot shower to top off the day. We grabbed some dinner out and went back to our camper. We were so excited for New Years and wanted to stay up until midnight to welcome it so we crawled in bed to stay warm and by 7:30pm we were fast asleep. Of course we missed the candlelight parade! Happy New Year! 🙂


The next day was glorious. Our favorite thing to do in Breckenridge was find the deepest snow possible and forge our own trails.


Apparently we were working up an appetite for our evening meal. Throughout the years, we have spent many incredible nights and weekends in Breckenridge, hanging out with friends and family, watching the town grow and eating at the local restaurants.


The Best of Breckenridge Colorado is no longer what it used to be, and for some it’s better. The ski resort in Breckenridge is now owned by Vail Resorts; which means great advancements for skiers, such as the gondola from the now not so free parking lot, to its additional high-speed quad chairs lifts.  Camping now is limited, actually, non-existent within the town limits, unless you own a big RV rig and want to stay at Tiger Run. But our upgraded camping set-up (a $60,000 truck and custom 4-season, off-road camper) didn’t meet the ‘extravagant cut-off’ point to be allowed there. So, we continued to search and find national forest land to camp on, which became harder and harder.  Our camping days in Breckenridge are now over, but our love for the town and all of our favorite restaurants still remains.


Below is The Best of Breckenridge Colorado Top 11 Culinary Delights

…and how I know where to find each restaurant within the town. I don’t give directions quite like Google but you’ll get there!

These and other restaurant reviews by Cinful Cindy and me, Dr. Double Portions can also be found on our Zomato site or here in the Cinfully Simple website.


  1. Fatty’s (Italian)- One street east of main street, turn East at Ski Hill Run (left if your coming in from Frisco), this popular pizza place takes the prize for filling you up after a day on the slopes.  Beware, the place gets PACKED. The staff navigates the crowds with ease and do they best they can to keep the tables moving. But nobody want to rush a great pizza and beer dinner, so be patient and enjoy when it’s your turn. Service can be hit or miss. Food wise, we’ve tried many of their pizza’s and lots of other items, including their meatloaf. Excellent pizza and I would classify all of their other food as good home cooking.


  1. Mi Casa (Mexican)- A hidden gem at the south end of town (before the town grew up), at the Y go right and it’s on your right. A good authentic Mexican dinner and great bar menu. Beware, this place gets packed, too!  We ended up eating at the bar one night and had a very fun and interesting conversation with strangers. The meal was filling (which says a lot in my world), the staff was ‘moving’, the beer was flowing and the food was great.  Plus, a great Mexican meal will help keep you warm on the slopes the next day, too. 🙂


  1. Crepes al A Cart (French: Sort of)- On the main drag, just south of ‘the park’ (the tiny area where they do the winter sculptures and paint the Aspen tree trunks blue) is this itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeney, yellow polk-a-dot Crepe-ini. Literally, a cart that produces one flavored crepe after the next – from sweet to savory. The line can get long as well as the wait for your crepe, but that only matters if it’s 40 below and windy.  This is a great place to grab a quick, small bite, which for me, ties me over between meals.
  1. Hearthstone (Fine Dining)- One block east of main street, about 1/2 way through town, you’ll find this big, blue, beautiful Victorian house. I bit more upscale and creative in their menu with a fabulous beer assortment.  We had the Caprese Salad (special), Blackberry Elk, Colorado Buffalo Short-Ribs and Harris Ranch Filet with organic Colorado mushroom cabernet demi-glace. They also cater to gluten-free diets, so have at it.  Lots of goat cheese, so if you’re not a fan…well….
  1. Breckenridge Brewery!!! (Microbrewery and Pub Food)- At the south end of town, at the ‘Y’ stop-light go left and it’s on your left.  Parking is limited but their seating capacity makes up for it! One of my all time favorite places, even before their beer became famous. My favorite beer has always been and will always be one of their originals – Avalanche (Amber Style Ale).  As for their food, nice and tasty, healthy portions and whatever you order, pair it with their mashed potatoes – which is their standard side item, even with a burger! One of the best places to re-hydrate after a day of snowshoeing.


  1. Blue Moose (Diner) – A highly popular local’s breakfast joint, at the south end of town, just past the ‘Y’ stop-light on your left (immediately before Breck Brewery) in the lower part of the 2-story building.  A diner style restaurant with a creative menu: Moose Favorites and Mex Style.  Of course you can get the average run of the mill breakfast items too, but who doesn’t like what the Moose like? Average parking and seating accompany their average prices – all a good thing in Breck.
  1. Briar Rose Chop House and Saloon (Fine Dining) – Take a left at Ski Hill Road, about mid way through town, and even in white out conditions, you cant miss it.  The restaurantis big and bright, on your right! A steak lovers delight (not seafood). Upscale steaks with family-style side items. We had the Cervena Elk Medallions and Crème Brûlée. My mother-in-law wanted the raspberry sauce on her Crème Brûlée and they were out of it that evening. You can only guess how she remembers the restaurant.
  1. Eric’s Pizza, Beer and Burger (American) place right on the main drag, 1/2 way through town on your right. Eric’s has been around forever! The night we ventured downstairs must have been kids night. The place was loaded with kids of all ages. They advertise their ‘family friendliness’ atmosphere and to ensure everyone gets their needs met they have 50 beers on tap. Menu is expansive and everything is reasonably priced for a ski town.


  1. Poached (Breakfast and Brunch)- We were looking for a different breakfast place and found Poached online. Finding it online turned out to be easier then finding it in person!  Between the Hyatt and the Wyndham…then down the stairs, then back around to the right and into a court yard. Somewhere across from Christie Sports. Are they even open??? Nothing indicating so but, yep, they were. Service was lacking. I promised the GM I wouldn’t share the whole story, but let’s just say, he was a little ‘poached’.  Oh, the food, I almost forgot…it was great. Not kidding. Fried cornbread poached eggs with chorizo chili and bacon and the build your own scramble! Not too pricey either.


  1. Relish (Colorado Inspired Cuisine)- Looking for something different? Try Relish. About 1/2 way through town, in the area called ‘the park” (basically a small lot with a few benches) – where they host the ice sculptures, looking toward the ski hill (west) it’s on your right. Very creative menu and as many items as possible are Colorado raised or grown. We were chatting with one of the locals (25 years in Breck) and this is one of her two favorite places to eat.
  1. Modis Breckenridge (Contemporary Cuisine) – If you don’t want the standard steak and seafood or pizza an pasta try Modis. They specialize in contemporary dining, so you never quite know what you’re going to get. This is our local friend’s second favorite place to eat in town. (Modis not pictured)

More Best of Breckenridge Colorado Reviews!

The Lodge and Spa at Breckenridge – When you look them up online, you mostly get their hotel/lodging information. Although we have not eaten here, we hear the food is fabulous and they have an awe-inspiring view of the town of Breck and the ski hills–14,000+ peak mountains–who decided they were hills? On our list for another visit to Breck.

Lodgepole Bar and Grill at Grand Timber Lodge — fills the belly when you’re a captive audience. Menu selection is good and food is about average. I’d like to give it rave reviews, but we’re travel snobs and have eaten at some of the finest restaurants at timeshares and other resorts around the world. Average prices for average food – fare trade.


Sevens Restaurant at Grand Lodge at Peak 7 (Bistro) – At Grand Lodge on Peak 7 Sevens is upscale, up-priced, bistro, and although you’re at one of the most amazing resorts in Breckenridge, you’re a captive audience way up on the ski hill. For skiers, Seven’s is very convenient with the ski-in/ski-out chair lift  only steps away. Unfortunately, we only eat here as a last resort as the prices would wipe out our travel budget if we ate here daily and the service like the slopes, is a bit cool.


Shopping hotspots – our favorite place to shop for winter gear is Main Street Outlet on Main Street, and Mountain Outfitters, high-end pricy gear next to Fatty’s Pizzeria.

Enjoy a slice of Breckenridge anytime you are in Colorado!

Dr. DP

Always hungry sidekick to #CinfullySimple. Professional eater with an insatiable appetite for food, life, travel and adventure! I go by #DrDP or #Doc


Ron W · 11/10/2015 at 4:05 PM

Thanks for sharing. We are happy owners at BGV as well, at GTL, GL Pk7 and soon at Grand CO Pk8. One I would add to your list is Canteen. A great patio in the warmer seasons and very good drinks. The food is a riff on comfort food, with great burgers, usually something from the smoker and some interesting appetizers, like Spam Musubi, and no matter your choice, always well prepared. Prompt friendly service and one or more of the 3 partners seemingly always there help ensure a pleasing experience.

Marc · 11/09/2015 at 3:15 PM

I love Michael’s Italian! Great thin crust pizza !!!!

    CC · 11/10/2015 at 9:30 AM

    Thanks for sharing this, Marc! Never can have too many pizza choices! 🙂

Gary · 11/09/2015 at 1:20 PM

Don’t leave out Mother Loaded, great comfort joint

    CC · 11/10/2015 at 9:31 AM

    Hi Gary! Thank you so much for sharing Mother Loaded here. We love more food for thought!

Mark · 11/07/2015 at 4:36 PM

Ahhh, the good life! I just picked up a pair of snowshoes for my granddaughter. Trying to get her hooked on the good life too! I’m sure I’ve read somewhere where God said… “It’s not good for man to snowshoe alone.” Then he created granddaughters! (And hot cocoa!) 🙂

    CC · 11/10/2015 at 9:33 AM

    Hey Mark! It is the good life. Sounds crazy I know but we actually don’t even ski much anymore. Mostly we snowshoe in Breck! Speaking of hot cocoa – here’s an adult version YOU will like–actually I think you are already familiar with it but it bears repeating! will have to stick with the kiddie kind–leave out the booze and add a little more milk and sweetener!

    Mark · 11/12/2015 at 7:19 PM

    That’s exactly the one I had in mind! 😉

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