big sandy lodge and resort signHere I sit next to Big Sandy Lake in little known—unless you’re from MN—McGregor, MN. What a gorgeous backdrop for what I call working these days. (I Love my Cinfully Simple job!) Double Portions (DP) is here for work this week and we have a family wedding to attend, oh, and a high school reunion for DP (better her than me). Two of my favorite kinds of events NOT to attend. 🙂

big sandy resort and lodge

Big Sandy Resort and Lodge is absolutely gorgeous in the summer. I know what you are thinking… Minnesota = Nanook of the North and mosquitos the size of pterodactyls, but this is truly amazeballs! This lodge/resort/residential area has for starters an incredibly reasonable price tag. Wait for it… Just over a hundred bucks a night per room in the high season! And of course, no accommodations would be complete for me without a pool, beach, scenic view and a truly terrific restaurant. If you like Golf, they have that too!

I am not just saying that. It really is good! For instance, I just had a “Cilantro Salad”. Fresh greens with tomatoes, cucumbers, green pepper and onions if you want them—none for me thank you! That may not sound all that fancy but this one came topped with juicy grilled chicken and a dressing that I’d love to get the recipe for. Some concoction of mango and cilantro and lime with just enough kick to keep me interested.


Since I plan to be here all day “working” I’m sure I’ll try a few more things but I thought I’d start out healthy after my intense (LOL) wogging workout this morning (Wogging: Some combination of not quite walking and not quite jogging that makes you look quite stupid while trekking down the road because it makes for a strange gait). By 2 I’ll be having a Sam Adams Lager and some good ol’ deep fried cheese curds. You can’t get near cheese country (Wisconsin) without trying some of these babies…


The lunch crowd of 10 or so is heading in now and they are ordering some culinary delights that I may have to look into (“The Rachel” looks amazing with turkey piled high) as I spend my day here on the patio wondering why I didn’t decide to start this food blog years ago! It’s not that I didn’t like my old job, but sitting here dining and writing about it all in the name of “research” still seems like such a luxury!

…And here’s how my previous job and my current job come together. So back to the lunch crowd. There is a lady sitting next to me alone who ordered a Fat Tire and the tap was out. She opted for water instead and I shared with her that Sam Adams Lager is actually very similar to Fat Tire but with less of a bitey finish. A little smoother beer that she might enjoy.

She tells me that her husband runs two church camps locally and so “obviously” they don’t drink much. “Which is just fine,” she says then adds, “But sometimes it’s just nice to have a cold beer and a book to read.” Now I’m thinking that when the Fat Tire tap ran out she was probably saying to herself it was God’s way of telling her she didn’t need a beer. But let’s face it folks, Jesus liked his wine! So of course, here comes Cinful me with a new beer suggestion just in the nick of time!

The beer comes and she tries it and loves it! It warms my heart. I know that sounds crazy but it’s true! I get the same warm fuzzy feeling that I used to get when I was coaching someone and they had this big ah-ha moment. Then it hits me. Duh! I haven’t really changed careers, I’ve just changed the vehicle for my career. It used to be life-changing events and now it’s food!

The realization that I’m still interacting with people in a similar way, still encouraging them to try new things and still applauding their efforts is sort of well, cool and disturbing at the same time. Cool because I’ve introduced her to something new. Disturbing because well, wherever you go, there you are… Ugh! Again? Well at least the stakes aren’t as high. If she didn’t like the beer she could have just stuck me with the bill! 🙂 Then I realize that this feels OK! It is amazing not to be so serious all the time. Well, Hello old me! I’ve missed my whimsical Cinful self! Welcome Back!

Oh and by the way, this place is worth a visit and you’ve GOT to at least do an overnight. Be sure to ask for a room with a view of the lake. They don’t all have a lake view. You may also want to be prepared to be over the bar/restaurant if you do want the view. Timing is everything! Be sure to go in the summer and bring the mosquito repellant!

Food Suggestions:

  • The cheese curds were FAB-U-LOUS!
  • The Rachel just as good and the last night at the lodge found us snacking on nachos which I must say were very tasty. I do realize that for most, nachos are nachos but these were nice and spread out on a platter with a liberal dose of cheese and some tasty ground beef. If you have a big group here, this is the way to go!
  • If you get tired of the food at the resort, also check out Zorbaz On The Lake nearby for more food with a view!




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Anonymous · 05/01/2016 at 4:00 PM

Love this place!

    CC · 05/01/2016 at 4:02 PM

    Thanks for the endorsement! 🙂

Mark · 11/11/2014 at 3:48 PM

Perfect! Lake front, good food and beer. Sam Adams is my go to when Newcastle isn’t on the menu.
And about Jesus and his wine…At the wedding he quickly whipped up the equivalent of several hundred bottles! Did I also mention it was also the good stuff?! Yep…that’s his way of saying “party on people and the drinks are on me!”

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