These Blueberry Avocado Paleo Pancakes came to be because my friend and former colleague Junel recently issued me a Paleo Challenge to create a new Paleo recipe for her.

Before I get into that I want to make sure that all y’all understand that these Blueberry Avocado Paleo Pancakes are for ALL eaters! Not just for the Paleo people of the world or the gluten free or the ovo-vegetarians. I am NONE of those and I created the recipe! Now, I love a good fluffy Bisquick pancake but I also LOVE Variety. They were quite frankly, TERRIFICLY TASTY! I even surprised myself and Double Portions (DP) with how good they are! Try for yourself. You might find it’s a nice change up from the norm. 


Are you tempted yet?

Now back to Junel…

Junel is for starters a tech wiz and instructional design dynamo turned stay at home mom/domestic engineer. But a former client of mine was recently looking for someone like her and I asked Junel if she might be interested in temporarily coming out of retirement to do the job. She answered with a very confident, “NO.” She was enjoying her Mommy life too much to trade. I’m very proud of her! Not many women with her talents can make that choice and be satisfied with it, but she is thriving! Here’s three cheers to stay at home Mom’s! Woot! Woot! Woot! I was blessed enough to have one and I think it’s the hardest job in the world (teaching runs a close 2nd)! 

Junel has for some time had difficulties digesting gluten and for that and other health reasons has decided to go Paleo. It’s working for her, which is awesome.

Now if you know a little about me, you know that I don’t usually buy in to the latest diet trends. Tech gadgets, yes! Diet trends? NO. But for Junel? I’ll take the bait and rise to her challenge. I respect her too much not to. Plus, if something’s working for you, I’m all for it. Besides, I count her influence in what ultimately led to my blogging path; and maybe I’ll even get her to do a guest blog or two for us about Paleo. Nothing wrong with a little quid pro quo, right? 😉 

You see, years ago Junel and her husband started an online dating website.

They were/are visionaries because this was back when only one or maybe two online dating sites existed—and on one of those they met and married. They were WAY ahead of their time. About the time they started the website, I’d escaped corporate America to start my own company and they asked me to be a recurring guest blogger on their site. Again, this was back when the blogosphere was a mere fish pond, not a world wide interconnecting ocean. So, I’m thinking of this Paleo challenge as thanks for starting me on this path long before the cruise ship of passion and purpose cleared the way for the SS Cinfully Simple.

So. Junel and I are emailing back and forth and then last Sunday morning I wake up with THE BIGGEST craving for pancakes, which almost never happens. Bacon cravings? I have those ALL THE TIME. But pancakes? That’s DP’s area of tastebud expertise. 

My brain turns on and while I’m lying in bed really wanting to go back to sleep I begin to have visions of fresh blueberries dancing in my head. I remember seeing several Paleo pancake recipes on Pinterest recently. Hmmm, could explain my pancake craving?  NOW I’m awake. So I get up and start looking at more Paleo pancake recipes on my Ipad and then research all the Paleo friendly foods. That’s when I realize that with HUNDREDS of Paleo Pancake recipes out there, how on earth am I going to create ONE unique enough to A) count as fulfilling Junel’s challenge and B) be one that could stand out among a very loud and busy ocean? I had to come up with something both tasty and spectacular but also different. And not just different for the sake of being different, but different for the sake of your tastebuds and mine! I mean we have to enjoy what we eat after all. Otherwise what’s the point?!

Then it hit me like a hurricane, Blueberry Avocado Paleo Pancakes!


Avocado! Everyone sing a AHHHHHHHH in the key of G for GREAT, please!

Avocados are a great tasting, paleo friendly food that would add a great texture to a pancake whose main ingredients are almost always bananas and eggs. Some people add gluten free flour too but in reality, Paleo (like the Atkins diet) discourages grains. Paleo does however favor nuts and seeds (except for peanuts), so I think to myself a little golden flaxseed meal will be just the ticket to round out this recipe!

I will admit that I rarely have good luck with any combination of gluten free and baking so this was the ultimate experiment in playing with food. This was one of those recipes that when I set it in front of DP I said, “I have NO IDEA what this is going to taste like!” Then I hope like crazy that the last hour of concocting and cooking and photo taking doesn’t go right down the disposal along with the pancakes! Who knows, maybe it’s because it was Sunday but it worked! PTL. These Blueberry Avocado Paleo Pancakes were AMAZEBALLS!

So to Junel (and you) I say: Challenge Accepted! Challenge Met! Challenge Eaten! Challenge Enjoyed! Your turn! 🙂


Blueberry Avocado Paleo Pancakes Process Notes

  • I used my Ninja blender for this job. Throw it all in and power ON. It worked great and the pitcher was nice to pour my pancakes on the griddle. If you’ve been following my posts about my new Nutri Ninja Auto IQ, you know that I use my Ninja for everything! If you are Ninja-less 🙁 you can use your blender or even a hand mixer. 
  • A quick note on flaxseed. I much prefer Golden flaxseed meal to regular. Regular tastes and smells a bit like alfalfa to me. It’s good for some recipes but if you want that toasted nut taste, golden flaxseed is the way to go. I use the Bob’s Redmill brand.
  • Topping choices are up to you. Many folks doing Paleo will opt for simple fresh fruit toppings. If you really hanker for a syrupy substance, just for you we ate enough pancakes to try Blonde Coconut Nectar from Big Tree FarmsAmbrosia Honey and Light Agave Nectar by Madhava, which were all super YUMMY!   
  • And, you already know I love NestFresh Cage Free Eggs!

I hope when you try these pancakes you’ll come right back here and add a comment about your culinary masterpiece. I love to read about how you play with your food!


Blueberry Avocado Paleo Pancakes - Paleo Challenge (Gluten Free)

Got Paleo? This Blueberry Avocado Paleo Pancakes recipe is for you! Filled with so much light, fluffy, fruity goodness, even NON-Paleo peeps will want to try them!
Course Breakfast
Cuisine Paleo
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 10
Recipe Creator Cinfully Simple


  • 3 ripe bananas
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 ripe avocado
  • 1/4 c golden flaxseed meal
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 1 T coconut oil for griddle
  • 1 pint ripe blueberries


  1. Put all ingredients (except blueberries) in your Ninja or blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Coat skillet or grill with coconut oil and heat to medium/low.
  3. Pour batter onto griddle enough to make 4’ pancakes.
  4. Allow to cook until bottom is brown and pancakes will flip easily—this may take a little longer than a regular pancake.
  5. While first side is cooking, add blueberries to each pancake by hand. Load em’ up! Blueberries are a super food!
  6. When the first side is ready, flip.
  7. Let cook until the other side is browned.
  8. You’re pancakes are ready! Smother with your favorite topping and ENJOY! They also go great with Bacon!


!Topping Options:
Fresh Fruit
Blonde Coconut Nectar from Big Tree Farms
Ambrosia Honey by Madhava
Light Agave Nectar by Madhava

Because Knowledge is power, I should mention that everything in this world is a tradeoff and these Blueberry Avocado Paleo Pancakes are no exception. They are healthy and loaded with good fats and omegas and they are 100% gluten free (grain free). That makes them a little higher cal than your average pancake. They also contain more sugar by way of fructose (fruit sugar) than regular pancakes although fructose IS low-glycemic so it’s usually considered ok for diabetics. Additionally, we served ours with low glycemic coconut nectar. So whereas your regular pancake is usually low in fat, calories and added sugars; it is also very high in carbohydrates which can be considered bad for some. 


Super foodie sidekick to #DrDP; digital storyteller, part time ginger and queen of convenience with more ideas than time. I go by #CC #CinfulCindy #CinfullySimple


Tyneisha · 07/11/2016 at 5:41 PM

Wow! Avocados in pancakes; now that’s different!! Looks delicious though I would love to give this recipe a try.

    CC · 07/13/2016 at 10:33 AM

    They taste amazing! Though admittedly they don’t have the same taste and texture as the pancakes you may be used to. I hope you’ll try them anyway. It’s a nice change from the same ol’ same ol’! 🙂 Thanks for your support of Cinfully Simple, Tyneisha!

Denise · 06/09/2016 at 11:26 AM

We loved these! My husband is trying paleo so it was great to have a breakfast option. They do take longer to cook through than regular pancakes and they don’t taste the same, but we liked them better! The avocado added a nice rich flavor.

    CC · 06/09/2016 at 11:29 AM

    Thanks for sharing! We’re thrilled you liked these! It’s nice to have some variety when on an particular eating regimen.

Lisa · 05/31/2016 at 9:52 AM

Unfortunately when I made these- following recipe exactly- the pancakes wouldn’t stay together. They are very difficult to work with. 🙁

    CC · 06/07/2016 at 3:27 PM

    Hi Lisa! Thank you for sharing. Hmmmm….Interesting that you had that problem. I haven’t had this problem but I’m sorry you did! Here are some suggestions if you are willing to play with your food: The batter is usually very thin so try making sure the pancakes are completely cooked all the way through. You’ll notice mine are cooked to a medium brown. If you don’t get the insides cooked well, they could fall apart on you when transferring to a plate. Maybe try a little lower heat and cook for longer. Also, don’t flip until side 1 is well cooked. Use a larger spatula to flip so you’re not catching just a part of the pancake on the turn. That will help keep it together until fully cooked. Be sure to only flip once. You can also experiment by using a little more flax (start with a tablespoon more) or maybe a little less banana or egg. This could help change the texture of your cakes to make them stick together more. Some paleo recipes include a little coconut flour to help bind. You could try this but you will need to experiment with your moisture to dry balance so you still get batter. Let us know if these suggestions help!

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