The first time we stayed in Cancun, Mexico we barely left the hotel for our meals.  We cooked most of them in our nice timeshare kitchen at the Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort Villas and Spa and, truth be told, outside it was pouring the kind of rain that goes UP your skirt.

We ended up getting an opportunity to return to the Westin Lagunamar within the year.  This time we decided to venture out and find some local Mexican fare. Unbeknownst to us, as part of the very large La Isla Shopping Mall right across the street from our hotel was restaurant alley,  located right on the lagoon with great sunset views. Score!

We like to eat where the locals do, so everyone we asked, “where to you eat when you eat out?” Replied with, we eat at LaPa*%dd!??ia.  Yep, that’s what I heard every time: LaPa*&rr$?a! Oh, well, no use trying to find THAT place. Let’s just head over to the shopping mall and find a place eat. So we wandered down the boardwalk until we found the right place. “Hey, let’s eat at this restaurant, it looks fun.”

You’ve got to be kidding me…it’s the restaurant everyone was recommending – La Parrilla! In Spanish, it didn’t sound as easy as it looks, properly pronounced with a bag of marbles in your mouth.


We hunkered down and enjoyed happy hour. I love Mexico; 2×1 drinks or 44oz beers!

cinfully simple cinners guide la parrilla

Next, we tried a few new things that we had never seen on a menu before:

cinfully simple cinners guide la parrilla mx 2

This place is the BEST! We must schedule another trip to Mexico and bring our family here. So we did! Happy Birthday Sis.

cinfully simple cinners guide la parrilla mx 3

And then we learned about La Parrilla’s other properties.


Being that we were brave enough to cross the street to find this restaurant, we must venture out to find the others. We took the local bus downtown and circled in on where we thought the restaurant might be. We asked a few locals how to find La Parrilla: “Donde estas LaPa*%ddrr!??ia?” Here was their reply, “esta bah, bah, de, blah, tu bah, bah, di, aqui”.  I got it. Perfect translation. He pointed to the end of the street then right. Let’s go! Moments later, we arrived. Our Spanish is SO good! Here was what awaited us:

cinfully simple cinners guide laparrilla mx 4

Can you smell those fresh tortillas? Can you feel the lard hardening in your arteries? PRAISE THE LARD!

We were so inspired by stuffed poblano peppers that we had to try making our own.  These Poblano Stuffed Peppers have now become one of our favorite meals and as soon as I stop traveling to Mexico, bringing family members to La Parrilla, I hope to get the recipe written for you. Until then, here is sneak peek…

cinfully simple cinners guide laparrilla mx 5

Ta-da! How ’bout them peppers!

At this point I don’t believe I need to post the Cinners Guide as I’ve said so much, but here it is anyway. And the next time you’re in Cancun, you must eat at “LaPa*%ddrr!??ia”. (La Parilla) Enjoy!

Cinners Guide to La Parilla, Cancun, Mexico


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