I have Double Portions (DP) to thank for this awesome Kitchen Hack! She’s often the griller in the midst at our house! Not that I don’t play with the propane from time to time, it’s just that she likes it hot and don’t tell anybody but I think she’s secretly a bit of a pyro.

Where’s the Beef?

Remember the old Wendy’s commercials showing the shrinking power of beef?

Let’s face it, nothing is more embarrassing to the grill master at a summer barbecue than meat shrinkage!  

SIZE MATTERS! Everyone wants more burger than bun! And because of that you want your burgers to stay big and juicy like you created them, so they can hold all those awesome toppings!  Here’s is a quick kitchen hack to keep your burgers big…

This is so simple you’re going to say, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” 


THE TRICK – Poke a hole in the middle of your big burger before you grill it! That’s it.  Seriously. This is a strange gastronomic phenomenon that can’t be explained. At least not by me. I’m a linguist not a physicist–I can barely spell that word!  


It’s that simple. Poke a hole in it and keep your burgers big and juicy for all of your guests. Doesn’t matter if it’s turkey or beef! It works either way.

Once you’re not trying to convince your friends that the big bun is the latest foodie trend, then you can get creative with the burger toppings! From aged cheddar and bacon to the addition of avocado or the new sloppy style burger toppings of an egg or mac-n-cheese. Then there’s the Pueblo, Colorado version called the “Slopper”–An open faced burger smothered in green chile and cheese and served with equally smothered fries! Now I’m hungry!


If you read this hack too late, or you don’t mind shrinking meathood, all is not lost! Just make everything proportionate by turning that tiny burger into a slider. I recommend trying the sweetness of KingsHawaiian Rolls for this purpose.  There is something to be said for little buns and a whole lot of creativity! 


Take a lesson in creativity from Sam’s Tavern Seattle… Check out their Bloody Mary Slider!

What are your favorite kitchen hacks? Please share them with us in the comments section below!

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