Are Your Eggs Fresh?

Love Eggs? Are Your Eggs Fresh? How do you know?

This is not a new kitchen hack, in fact, I really don’t think there ARE too many NEW hacks. But it is a good one and worth repeating.

We go through A LOT of eggs in the cinfully simple household! It’s one of our favorite foods. But recently, on a trip to our (new) Mexican Apartment we found that the previous owners left us a whole carton of eggs! SCORE! But then again, maybe not…


Courtesy of Bitmoji

…Even though Double Portions (DP) was STARVING as always, not knowing how long those eggs had been there, we used this kitchen hack to see if they were fresh enough to eat.

DP Starving - Courtesy of Bitmoji

DP Starving – Courtesy of Bitmoji

Well? Are YOUR eggs fresh?

The hack is easy! Fill a glass or a bowl with water and drop in the egg(s). If they FLOAT, They’re NOT GOOD. If they SINK, They’re GOOD!

Now I don’t know about you but I always get confused when I see this hack! I can’t ever remember if the floating egg is fresh or if the sinking egg is the fresh one? Recently, I heard someone say that the floating egg is like a dead fish! Who wants to eat that!? Ewww! That may help you to remember. But if that doesn’t work, check out this awesome graphic from that I pinned to my Pinterest page on Tips, Tricks & Hacks! It’s the best one I’ve found yet to help me know if my eggs are fresh!

According to the folks at Incredible Egg, just because an egg floats doesn’t mean you can’t eat it. They recommend following THESE TIPS.
You may also want to consider whether or not you have a cast iron stomach!


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So you tell me, should I eat this egg?


AND if you’re looking for great egg recipes, you can find a bunch on my Recipes page!


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