This Shopping Cart Wine Holder hack will be handy for your New Year’s Eve shopping trip! 

This is really more of a shopping hack than a kitchen hack but since you’re the forgiving type, I’m thinking once you realize how cool this is, you’ll let me get away with the misnomer. 

LOUD noises startle me. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because I live next to a train that has kept me up nights for the last 5 years. Or, maybe I sat through too many fire works displays as a child. Who knows, but there is one sound that really makes me cringe, the sound of breaking glass…

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit of a social media alcoholic (see definition here in my friend Diane’s blog, “I’m Not an Alcoholic but I Play One on Facebook”), which really means I do a lot of posing with booze for the camera–risking my reputation and garnering the concern of my parents, all for the sake of my job–“I did not inhale.” (For those of you too young to understand that reference, click here.) 🙂 


…In order to maintain my social media image, I am often forced to buy wine. When I go on a wine run, there is usually a very large shopping cart involved and there is nothing I hate more than wine bottles rolling around and toasting themselves all CLINK, CLINK, KLUNK, CRASH! in the bottom of my cart.  

So recently, on my annual two-week holiday family vacation to Florida—Yes, I survived and lived to tell about it—I saw an elderly couple in the Costco parking lot with the best idea I’ve seen in a while! A Shopping Cart Wine Holder! They used the metal slats in the child seat/purse holder portion of their cart to hold their wine! INGENIOUS I tell you! So I tried it, and I’m here to tell you it works! Check it out! 


Next time you go on a wine run, try this Shopping Cart Wine Holder hack! What are you waiting for? The #NewYear is almost here! Get Shopping!

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