This kitchen hack is a no brainer and provides a cheap and easy storage solution for your leftover food: Use Shower Caps for Food Storage. Brilliant! 
We’ve been so busy this summer that it’s almost flying by! Speaking of flying by, it’s been a while since I put out a CinS Kitchen Hack so this one’s for you and perfect for that Picnic or BBQ!
Being the fly girl and avid world traveler that I am, I have been using Shower Caps for Food Storage for years! You’re probably wondering what traveling has to do with it? Pre 9-11, when I was a platinum traveling point whore, just about every hotel room on the planet gave me a shower cap or five during my visit, so I started collecting. I mean, who uses shower caps anymore? I DO I DO!
shower cap for food storage
I would bring them home, toss them in a kitchen drawer and wait for it… Food Storage! I used them on a plethora of food containers as a means of storing leftovers! Then after 9-11 during a huge recession and what I like to call the bankruptcy craze, the proverbial sundry well dried up. Airlines began charging for everything from baggage to a coke and hotel shampoo bottles got smaller and smaller to the point where not a sewing kit or shower cap could be found anymore….Can you say CHEAP? I still have some of those sewing kits stashed in a drawer somewhere for emergencies!
Cinfully Simple Photo of Shower Caps from SallyCinfully Simple Photo of Shower Caps from SallyCinfully Simple Photo of Shower Caps from Sally
But never fear my #Cinners, being the resourceful girl I am, I turned to Sally Beauty Supply to sustain my Shower Caps for Food Storage habit and Sally did not disappoint! I buy these Salon Care brand “processing caps” by the 100 and they last me a while! If you don’t have time to make a trip to Sally, that’s cool, I found them for you on Amazon! Your Welcome! For about 11 cents you’ve got the perfect disposable food storage cover!
Then one day wandering the aisles of Sally–cuz I like to stroll the entire store looking for new fun things– I also discovered Ear Caps!
package of ear covers
Tiny cute little mini-me versions of shower caps that would go on smaller containers. I could hardly contain my inner foodie’s excitement when I started imagining all kinds of little uses for these totes adorbs little shower cap companions! Pet food, tiny tubs of berries, all those darn containers I’ve lost lids for…You get the idea. I Found those on Amazon for you too! 
These days I keep a stash of big and small shower/ear covers in the drawer along with the zippy bags and the plastic wrap; which BTW I rarely use–cuz’ whose with me on hating that won’t come out of the box, tears and sticks to everything but what it’s supposed to stuff? Say goodbye to that and hello to Shower Caps for Food Storage! WOOT! The bigun’s strech pretty good over not just round bowls and such. I’ve even used them on a 9 x 12 cake pan!
Small ear cover over a small pitcher
And before you say it, if you’re worried about waste, don’t! You can rinse, hang up to dry and re-use; or rinse and recycle your caps! Cuz’ that’s what my Mom would do! I recycle mine with my store plastic bags which I drop off at my local grocery.
Large food bowl covered with shower cap
P.S. You really shouldn’t put plastic in the microwave. Just sayin’.

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