WOW! That was scary…

Mid-Cocktail Party, Just before the election, I was in the midst of reading a novel about cyber terrorism and BAM! the lights went out! Next thing you know, our whole lives changed. That was four months ago… What?!?

Given our most recent accommodations by infamous political hosts, I probably shouldn’t be sharing this post with you but once again true to my Cinful nature I’m throwing caution to the wind and telling all. 

Many of you have asked, “Where for art thou have we been? What happened to the Cinful Food postings, the traveling gypsies and the eating frenzies of Dr. Double Portions? What, pray tell happeneth to the Cinfully Simple blog queens and la Princess (Kota)?” Ask no more, I’ll tell you!

Princess Kota - Cuteness Overload

Let’s just say after spending several months “vacationing” in the land of vodka and nesting dolls, as a result of cheekily making fun of our nation’s election, it’s Presidential candidates and voting practices; our Cocktail Party antics were cut short in their primary.

Me thinks they thought we might be too influential in the election results. Hmmm… 

And now finally we are released back to the world of rampant rumor and social media to share Food! Adventure! Fun! once more! PTL (Praise the Lard!) Albeit on a slightly less frenetic schedule this time around, but I’m getting ahead of myself. 

The one good thing about spending time in the Putinator’s prison is that I did learn to make borscht, so all is not lost! In Russia, (beet) red is the new black. 


During our forced hiatus in the Siberian cold of our neighbors—Think past Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s “I can see Russia from my house!” (big toothy grin) — Yep, and you thought THAT election was bad! Our solitary confinement gave us much chance to ponder our existence and the short lives we live. 

At first, we bemoaned the cocktails that were not getting shared on the blog (nor served to us—not even vodka—rude). Then, during our Internet silence (big brother was watching) we reflected upon what can only be referred to as the universe’s idea of a sharp left turn and quite possibly a (nother) mid-life crisis threatening to upend our future, or at least our present. WTF? 

Last I checked we were soon to become at least part-time Mexpats and then, we hit a WALL! What wall?! Oh THAT wall! Boy have WE been out of the loop! Mexico is still a “coming soon” feature in our lives but there are some other details that need to be worked out first. 

The thing about experiences like the one we had while being held as electoral pawns in the largest country in the world is that they are always a powerful motivator for change. So upon returning to our “real lives” we have a new bucket list:

1) Family. It’s important. It’s fragile. Hug more. Mean it! Spend time.

2) Life. It’s important. It’s fragile. It’s temporary. LIVE IT!

3) Mexico is not evil and has some of the kindest people I have ever met in my life. SO, at some point in the not too distant future, I will be at least a Part-time Mexpat, because the beach is calling and Vitamin Sea is good for me!

4) InsideOut Discovery (that other biz I’ve tried to retire from a few times) lives on and well in the hearts and minds of enough people that it will continue to be the business that never dies! Oy-Vey! But it does tend to pay the bills slightly better than a food blog. So we remain ever part-time employees, pledging our loyalty to IOD.

5) I am a serial entrepreneur who has more ideas than time. I will always have new ideas. Like this one (thanks to Cinfully Simple)! It’s the latest iteration of me. CHECK ME OUT! Plus a new keynote topic: “You’re a great blogger, but can you speak?”

6) And last but certainly not least, Cinfully Simple! What will become of it? For now, the Party Continues… ???? But we have some new ground rules…

It was seriously touch and go there for a while as Mr. P doesn’t totally love Western Grub so we really had to negotiate that last one! Given our unintended break turned hiatus turned sabbatical a list of what you can expect is below.

Given enough time in solitary confinement, I realized that my 36-hour a day food blog job meant barely coming out of a computer induced stupor long enough to say hello to my spouse in the house for the last 3+ years, so we decided it was time to do things a little differently. Not to mention that almost all of my friends and fam are SO OVER me taking pictures of every single food item on everyone’s plate at every outing, every restaurant and sometimes getting that not so flattering bite shot! So…As a part of my RP (Russian Parole) I’ve agreed to the following terms:

A) About one post a month, maybe two if you’re lucky. So sponsors and brands, get on that short list now because we still work for food, booze and kitchen gadgets as well as cash of course! 

B) Speaking of booze – we’d like to place a little more focus on the libation part of life in our posts.

B) We will still post on social media @CinfullySimple (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest). Maybe not 20 times a day like we used to, but at least a few times a week, and we’re ok with that! You’re welcome, Gina!

C) Still want a new website – still a work in progress.

D) We will continue to uphold the values of FOOD! ADVENTURE! FUN! and to be a work in progress—If things change—And knowing us that’s a BIG possibility—You’ll be at least the eleventh person to know. A lot can happen in a year…

New Year, New Rules!

Cinful Cindy and Dr DP

Fine Print: The message here is not meant to be political in nature and/or intended to disparage or endorse any particular candidate or country. If it rubbed you the wrong way, you may need to laugh a little or stop watching so much news coverage. And, As I’m sure you’ve already figured out, only parts of this story are true. But this was all I was authorized to divulge. Someday maybe I’ll tell you the whole story in a tell-all novel. But not today. Today, go enjoy your life! Cook something, Do something, Be something or for God’s sake, HUG SOMETHING! And now that you know you can look forward to the next Cinfully Simple post, relax! My name is Cinful Cindy and I approve this message! 


Super foodie sidekick to #DrDP; digital storyteller, part time ginger and queen of convenience with more ideas than time. I go by #CC #CinfulCindy #CinfullySimple


Jill Montera · 02/03/2017 at 5:36 AM

Thank you for coming back!!!!! Love your bucket list ( and you too) !!!

    CC · 02/07/2017 at 10:39 AM

    Our pleasure Jill! Thanks for the encouragement!

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