Because we live in a tort kind of world, and it’s not the tasty kind!

I can't believe there are so many privacy risks involved in broadcasting my entire life on Facebook


We’re bloggers, we can’t afford lawyers. 🙂

The ID-10-T Clause

This blog/website, it’s YouTube channel and all social media channels and posts related to this website are intended as an entertaining and informative outlet as well as a humorous distraction. The information herein is not intended to make you skinny, pretty, healthier, smarter or any other -ER and does not in any way take responsibility for your use or interpretation of the information provided. Further, if you are the type of person to cook bacon naked, we cannot be held responsible for the consequences of that or any other completely ridiculous behavior not adherent to common sense. We call this the ID-10-T clause and we stand by it.

Stuff We Get for Free

We often talk about the brands and products we’ve used in our cooking and our travels, but just because we mention one by name don’t assume there’s a check in the mail. If we’re being compensated for something specifically, we will do our best to let you know in the posts, because we like transparency, too!

We only do honest reviews. All opinions are strictly our own. That goes for Guest Bloggers, too! Please don’t kill the messenger. If you have a differing opinion send us a note or leave a comment.

We are open to creating partnerships with products, brands and services–Rest assured they will be those we LOVE and often use ourselves.  This may sometimes mean we get compensated for a press trip writing a post or it could be as simple as “Will work for food, kitchen gadgets, wine and other free stuff.” Sometimes this will benefit you as well because our sponsors may provide FREE STUFF for us to giveaway! Either way, you’ll get nothing but honest from us, especially when it comes to reviewing products.

We Got Skills!

Amazon Alexa Skills that is! If you’ve got an amazon echo or other Alexa enabled device we’ve got the skeelz! CC’s been trying out her developer hand at a few Alexa skills.

If you know Alexa, from the Alexa dashboard you can add the Cinfully Simple RSS Feed to your Flash Briefings (“Alexa, What’s my Flash Briefing?”) Well, Aren’t we fancy? Yes!

These disclosures apply to Alexa skills in addition to the following: Amazon skills are designed for entertainment purposes only. Cinfully Simple makes no warranties expressed or implied and shares no liability for results or the ID-10-T clause. Please be aware of Amazon’s policies before using Amazon products or apps. If you should have trouble with the Cinfully Simple Alexa Skill please use the trouble report built into the Alexa dashboard.

We the Cinful, Reserve the Right

All comments on the Cinfully Simple Blog are moderated. We do our best to respond to blog comments in a timely manner. Sometimes we do a better job than others. We are after all, human.  Speaking of which, the internet is a double-edged kitchen knife. So if you are someone who finds a post to be unsavory, before you stir the pot and create a little heat, please remember that others will read what you wrote and might choose to respond in a way that you don’t expect so please keep comments respectful. Though opinions and your right to them, as well as healthy debate and discussion are always welcome at Cinfully Simple; we reserve the right to review and delete any comments that do not meet Cinfully Simple’s guidelines–Given it’s our blog, we get to decide what that looks like. Suffice it to say if you behave like a troll we will treat you like one and politely decline to post your comment. We believe in second chances so you can always choose to tone it down and resubmit.

Ads & Links

Like most blogs/websites you will see ads and links on our site to other products and services.  We also have a Zazzle Store. This means we make commissions and royalties on things. In the case of ads we make a few cents here and there when you scroll by an ad. More if someone opts to click and buy something. We’re not rolling in the proverbial dough yet, but I’m not gonna lie, money is part of the plan if we are to keep Cinful Cindy cinning. (Say THAT 3 times fast.) So Thank You for your support! It means everything.

The Teeny Tiny Fine Print

Additional Disclosures and Privacy Policies as Required By Our Peeps

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