Easy Eats are blog posts that contain quick and easy recipes without a lot of blog! 🙂 If you’re busy or crave convenience like me, these recipes are for you! In a hurry? Just scroll to the recipe at the bottom–You won’t hurt my feelings. 😉

I can remember coming home from church on Sundays and my mom making this awesome tuna salad with Miracle Whip, celery, onion and who knows what else. The bread was always perfectly toasted and there were usually chips and pickles on the side and usually there was soup, too. It was a Sunday lunch to die for. And THEN I went off to college…

Back in my college days when it was a mini fridge and a hot pot; we had ramen, mac n cheese and tuna as options when we ran out of money for real food at the cafeteria. We didn’t have a toaster and we certainly didn’t have any counter space for a cutting board! So we improvised.

My roomie at the time used to make this College Tuna Salad with Miracle Whip and Heinz Pickle Relish. She chose dill, I choose sweet but either way it got the job done and it’s oh so fast and easy! We traded out the toast and just ate it with the chips. It worked and we didn’t starve. In fact we all managed to gain more than our share of Freshman 15. Oh wait, maybe that was the pizza we often pooled our weekly allowances for? Hmmm… Yeah, cuz’ this College Tuna Salad is really pretty good for you. Especially if you leave out the chips!  These days I use Miracle Whip Light to save a few calories. 

Flash forward too many years later to count and I’m still making College Tuna Salad. It comes in handy for me on days when I can’t seem to  STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER! Which is often! 

You may find this hard to believe coming from a FOOD BLOGGER, but I’m very lazy about getting up and making food for myself when I’m engrossed in working on the blog. Actually it’s not lazy it’s more like hyper-focus and I just forget to eat—such is the life of an ADD-er. So when my stomach does start complaining I often turn to my College Tuna Salad for comfort (food) and sustenance. This and a few Ruffles reduced fat potato chips and I am good to go back to work with brain power to spare! Get the Ruffles Naturals reduced fat with sea salt if you can find ’em! 

This College Tuna Salad makes a great light and healthy lunch and it’s loaded with Omegas. If you’re keeping it light try scooping with celery stalks. It makes a great school or work lunch, too!

Don’t knock it til’ you try it. It got ME and plenty of others through college!


Easy Eats College Tuna Salad Recipe

You don't have to be in college to enjoy this Easy Eats College Tuna Salad! Tuna, A little Miracle Whip and some Heinz sweet pickle relish and it's an Easy A!

Course Lunch
Cuisine American
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 2
Recipe Creator Cinfully Simple


  • 1 can chunk light tuna water
  • 2 T Heinz sweet pickle relish
  • 1 1/2 T Miracle Whip Light


  1. Open and drain tuna of most of it’s excess water. A little water left is ok as it helps with the dressing/sauce.
  2. Place tuna in a bowl and add Miracle Whip and Relish. You can use more if you like it ooey gooey-er.
  3. Using a fork, blend ingredients together.
  4. Eat with a handful of chips or crackers as scoopers or spread on bread for a sandwich. If you’re going for fewer calories, try celery!