Easy Gourmet Goddess Marinara Dinner

I’m spoiled and I admit it. My version of dinner has to do with keeping us fed; a bowl of cheerios, cottage cheese and crackers, a side of beef on the grill, or just beer? Cinful Cindy’s (CC) version of dinner always ups the ante as she maximizes every dish, an incessant need to tantalize our taste buds.


Let me give you a sneak peek at how CC keeps us fed. As we ate our way through Italy our credit cards needed a break from the award-winning swiping pace they were keeping. We needed to slow down our spending and the best way to do this on the road is to stop eating out and cook a few meals in your room. Besides, this also gives us a chance to do some well needed laundry before our clothes disown us.

Being that we had access to a timeshare, we took advantage of the restaurant reprieve and laundry facilities.  We found a local grocery store and picked up enough food for 3 days. I’m proud to say, we have shopping for 3 days down to a science: a dozen eggs for breakfast and egg salad sandwiches, oil or butter to cook them in (we’ve made the mistake many times of not having any oil or butter and left the majority of our eggs stuck to the bottom of the one warped frying pan we had to work with), mayo, bread, black beans, stuff for Cindy’s Legendary Salsa, some chips and don’t forget the beer. Cinfully-Simple-Easy-Gourmet-Goddess-Marinara-Dinner-11

But this grocery trip was different; in addition to our usual grocery list, CC grabbed a can of roasted tomatoes, some basil, garlic, lemon olive oil, a package of freshly made ravioli, fresh parmesan cheese, some crostini and of course, some great Italian Red Wine. 


As the master of eating, I, Dr. Double Portions (DrDP), was game for whatever CC had up her sleeve. That evening I witnessed CC in action while I stayed busy out of the kitchen.


Easy Gourmet Marinara Dinner in the Making

Instead of just grabbing the jar a Ragu, like I would have done, CC sautéed the garlic in a little lemon olive oil, dumped in the tomatoes and chopped up the fresh basil.


Then she added some red wine, which I willingly shared because CC insisted it was needed for the meal.  


Moments later she boiled up the fresh ravioli, added a whole lot of fresh parmesan cheese and voila! Cinfully-Simple-Easy-Gourmet-Goddess-Marinara-Dinner-5
Cinfully-Simple-Easy-Gourmet-Goddess-Marinara-Dinner-7 The magic of Italy was there in front of us – Easy Gourmet Goddess Marinara Dinner!Cinfully-Simple-Easy-Gourmet-Goddess-Marinara-Dinner-6
Cinfully-Simple-Easy-Gourmet-Goddess-Marinara-Dinner-8She had created not only a very tasty sauce for the ravioli, she also used the same ingredients to make some Classic Italian Bruschetta for us to enjoy.

Now, for many of you, especially those who have a culinary mind, this may seem like a no brainer. But for those of us who are impressed when someone turns Ketchup into Shrimp Cocktail sauce or beer into soup, this is type of cooking is gourmet. When I was a college student, this would have impressed my guests! 

If you’re looking to make real food for real people, these are the little tricks that can make anyone, including me, fake it like we know what we’re doing. Thanks CC for a great timeshare meal in the limited kitchen you were given to whip it our Easy Gourmet Goddess Marinara Dinner. 

And, thanks for leaving us some great Italian wine to enjoy with our dessert while enjoying the beautiful island of Sardinia, Italy. Cinfully-Simple-Easy-Gourmet-Goddess-Marinara-Dinner-9


Famous Pink Sand Beach In Sardinia Italy without filter.

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