Hawaii Luxury Tour Awards

Wondering what you’re going to do this weekend?

How about binge watching our Hawaii Luxury Tour Video Playlist?  It’s finally complete with 21 awesome fun, informative, sometimes silly and adventurous videos of our Hawaii Luxury Tour! Including the jewel in the crown, The Hawaii Luxury Tour Awards Video!

After two wonderful weeks in Hawaii staying at some of the most luxurious resorts in the Islands, the results are in and we’ve got the Travel Snob Edition of The Hawaii Luxury Tour Awards WINNERS

Because we’re travel snobs on the inside and travel slobs on the outside, we are the perfect people to report how some of Hawaii’s most luxurious resorts treat their guests. Even the one’s that don’t look like they belong there! 

Plus, we didn’t stop there! We give you the scoop on where to go, what to do and what is the BEST OF in our Hawaii Luxury Tour. 

Islands visited this trip: 3

  • Kaua’i
  • Big Island (Hawaii), Kona
  • Maui

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Hawaii Luxury Tour Awards Categories

  • Best Dining
  • Best Places to Stay on the Islands
  • Best Resort Grounds/Landscaping
  • Best Resort Stay Overall
  • Best Service
  • Best Pools
  • Best View
  • Best Food
  • Best Excursions
  • Best Happy Hour
  • Best Beer
  • Best Resort Toilet Paper (not kidding)
  • Best Island for Hanging Out
  • Best Island for Hiking and MORE!

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CC’s Favorite Hawaii Video

A lifetime dream come true for me! Be prepared to be #DolphinDazzled! It’s Dolphin Mediation, I could watch it all day!

Doc’s Favorite Hawaii Video

Professional travelers: Don’t try this at home!

Check Out All Of Our Other Hawaii Videos!

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