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Summer Entertaining?

You’ve seen the pictures of our Cinful Spreads on social media, right? Well, in the summer here at the lake, we have A LOT of company and do A LOT of entertaining. One of the EASIEST, most loved and most versatile ways I’ve found to make that summer party go off without a hitch is Wine (of course) and this Easy Cheese Board Appetizer! Let me show you how in four easy steps…


Welcome to the NEW Cinfully Simple

There are so many great reasons why the Easy Cheese Board Appetizer just works! It gives people choices, it serves a lot of people, it looks AMAZEBALLS,  and did I mention EASY? It’s all about the SIMPLE here folks, cuz’ we don’t have time to be spending on apps when we have entertaining and toasting and swimming to do! Right?!?

Easy Cheese Board Appetizer Lake Fun

What You Need

  • Cheese
  • Large Cutting Board or Sturdy Cardboard/board
  • Parchment Paper
  • Sharpie
  • Cheese Knife
  • Small tongs (optional)
  • Assorted Crackers and/or Fruit

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Step 1 – Shop for Cheese

Shop for cheese! Go all out here, find some things that aren’t in your normal repertoire. Grab some gouda or a wedge of parm or in our case a nice hunk of some spicy tequila cheese from Costco. You can even add cracker cuts here for variety. Easy peasy cheesy. Just buy a combo of flavors, textures, colors and sizes.

Step 2 – Cutting Board & Parchment

Cover a large cutting board with parchment paper. If you don’t have a big cutting board, you can use a cutout piece of cardboard or a plain board  and just wrap it like a present and tape the bottom. No parchment? No Worries! Just lay it out on your board and don’t label; make it the the mystery cheese board! 🙂

Easy Cheese Board Appetizer

Step 3 – Layout and Label

Layout your cheeses in an arrangement that pleases you and use a sharpie (better because it is permanent and won’t smear) to label them so others know what they are. Don’t have great handwriting? That’s ok it looks more artistic that way. Just needs to be legible. Cut a few slices off of each block just to let your guests know they can cut their own to their liking, then place the cheese knife and tongs (if you are using them) on the board with the cheese.

Step 4 – Crackers & Cheese Please!

Place bowls or plates of different crackers near the cheeseboard or you can add fruit/grapes to the board itself if you have room. GET CREATIVE! This is all about Playing With Your Food and it let’s your guests do the same! Guests love tactile apps! That’s it. Sit back, enjoy a glass of wine and the compliments! 🙂

Easy Cheese Board Appetizer 2