Are you ready to #Eat4ACause and dine for a difference with some of Denver’s top female chefsWork Options for Women is a unique nonprofit social enterprise that uses food to change lives; and they are cookin’ up a great Women Cook 2016 event this year that you won’t want to miss! JOIN US ON MAY 2ND!


Have you ever read the book, The 5 Love Languages? If you haven’t, you should. If you have, you know about Acts of Service. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret—Acts of Service are last on my list of love languages. I saw that look. NO JUDGING!

Now what that really means is that I’m not the girl who volunteers to build houses for Habitat for Humanity or agrees to make phone calls to get pledges to the HRC. I’m not even close to being the girl who walks for breast cancer and/or solicits charity money from others while doing so—Though I think those are all wonderful things to do. I am quite simply, the girl who writes the check—Most often to get you to stop asking me to do those things with you!

Now if I didn’t have money to write a check, sadly, I’d still not want to do all those other things. So then I guess I’d just be the selfish girl who prefers the love language of Quality Time instead—I said No Judging!

It doesn’t make me a terrible person, it just makes you lucky that I’m usually the girl that writes the check so you can do those other things. I’m sharing this deep dark and potentially polarizing secret with you to make a point. Which is: You can only imagine how much I must LOVE a charity to 1) Write a blog post about it. 2) Write a check AND attend their events and 3) Ask YOU to ante up AND attend their events! Enter WOW

wow logo

WOW is hands down Cinfully Simple’s favorite charity, and each year Dr. Double Portions and I look forward  to this annual Work Options for Women – WOW Women Cook 2016 event.

Seriously, how can you not love a charity that FEEDS you!?


Me enjoying P17 Lettuce Wraps at Wow Women Cook 2015 Event

Women Cook is WOW’s biggest event of the year. According to this year’s press release: “For 11 years, the WomenCook! event has been crucial to Work Options for Women’s ability to provide direct support services to those affected by poverty, homelessness and unemployment in Denver. All money that is raised from the WomenCook! event will go toward job training, support services and job placement for WOW students in the Denver community. Last year, almost 500 attendees participated and helped raise over $138,380 to combat homelessness and poverty through WOW’s program.”

The rest of the year WOW offers culinary team building experiences as well as famous chef-hosted cooking classes—also super fun and worthwhile–We call it #Cooking4ACause. We attended this one with world renowned Chef Ian Kleinman of the Inventing Room and it was amazeballs! We made ice cream out of nitrogen!

cinfully-simple-chef-ian-kleinman-wows-at-cooking-for-a-cause (16)

Chef Ian Kleinman: Crazy Mad Scientist of Food!

But the Women Cook event is special! Your EVENT TICKET includes a walk-around all you can eat buffet hosted by 15 of Denver’s Top Female Chef’s who represent Denver’s top restaurants. It also includes a wine bar, a silent auction, a paddle auction, cork pull, and more. Plus, opportunities to win great prizes just for showing up! Like this free happy hour for me and some friends at Denver’s popular P17! Then there’s the presentation part of the event where awards are presented to outstanding culinary students and you get to hear their success stories—BRING ON THE TISSUES!


Event tickets cost only $125 each and include all the food you can eat. I’m not saying it’s a cheap date but it’s well worth the cause—And a portion of your ticket is tax deductible! That’s less than you would spend for a night out at a fancy restaurant with puny portions! WOW Women Cook is a night of fun, food and philanthropy!

At the end of the night you can go home feeling full and satisfied on so many levels!

This year’s Chef’s list reads like the Zomato Who’s Who of Denver! Wow! It includes:

If you’re the practical type, I can honestly tell you that this non-profit is doing everything right. I’ve never seen a non-profit business model work better! The women (and a few men) clients/students that WOW works with start with a training program that teaches both food prep and service skills. The program includes everything from paid training and transportation allowances to internships and placement services. There is even ongoing and follow-up counseling with a case worker even after they graduate. It takes a lot of money and dedication to keep this work going and I can tell you that it really makes a difference in people’s lives. From Mom’s to kids to families, everyone benefits when WOW students have the opportunity to once again be in charge of their own destiny. The impact of WOW programs is exponential—WOW students often  become role models for their friends, spouses, significant others and children; which serves to stop the cycle of poverty and sometimes abuse, crime and violence in homes and communities. Dr. DP and I have seen the results first hand and have been in awe. 

Giving to WOW is more important now than ever! It’s hard to keep a great nonprofit alive with ever-growing federal funding cutbacks! But don’t take my word for it, listen to these Student’s stories…


A NOTE TO MY NON-DENVER READERS: You don’t have to live in Denver to support this awesome charity! You can still contribute to this amazing organization that gets women out of abusive relationships, out of trouble and/or off the streets by putting them to work in the food service industry. Check out more giving options HERE and if you’re in the food industry, consider hiring a WOW student!



You can find out more about the event HERE! We hope to see you at WOW Women Cook 2016 on May 2nd! Be sure to stop by and say hello to us when you get there! 


Me & DP at the WOW Women Cook Event 2015. Look for us this year!

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