Vegas has nothing on Phuket (careful here – pronounced: Poo-ket), Thailand after dark! After a 4-day live aboard snorkel tour in the Andaman Sea–See Our Snorkeling Thailand Photo Tour–We had one night in Phuket before our trip was sadly coming to an end. Even though we were exhausted, we rallied for the cause and decided to explore our one night in Phuket. We were able to catch the Simon Cabaret Show (Don’t Miss It!), small tokens from our late night shopping, and then we just walked down the main drag and watched the eye candy in action at the exotic, open air, dance clubs, complete with the Husband Day Care Center.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to experience the great beach and the really cool shopping area, but you should.

Come along and experience one of the world’s most well known exotic locations in this Phuket Nightlife Thailand Photo Tour.

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