As American as baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet, this Skinny Apple Pie A La Mode Smoothie is like eating dessert for breakfast! 

Age Check! Who’s old enough to Remember this?

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This time of year is what most people with kids refer to as the END OF SUMMER. For you, that means BACK TO SCHOOL TIME but for me and Double Portions (DP) who are shameless DINKS (double income no kids), the summer is just beginning!

Here in Denver, Colorado where our summer temperatures are just starting to top 90 degrees, we water ski until well into October!  That means, OUR summer fun in the sun is still happenin’! Sorry kiddies! It’s gonna be summer for us until AT LEAST the end of September! Plus, I’m not gonna lie, with the kids back in school the lake gets pretty darn quiet so that means lots more water time for the DINKS!


But I know you folks with kiddos have to get back to the school grind soon, so for you, summer vacation is OVER! Some of you are glad your kids are going back to school—I know, you don’t have to admit it—and others dread this time of year. Well I’ve got something to cheer you up…


…This Skinny Apple Pie A La Mode Smoothie is SO GOOD you’ll forget about summer and dream about fall! AND, you’d never know it’s good for you! Go ahead, toot the healthy  horn, WOOT WOOT! It’s also fast and easy and great on the go—Especially if you’ve got a Nutri Ninja Auto IQ Blender like mine! It’s got these awesome cups with lids(I use the Biggun’) that you blend in, put a lid on and GO! Had to get a little gloat action in there. Sorry! You can get a NINJA too you know!


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But if you DON’T have one and you want this smoothie NOW, just use your blender – I promise I won’t tell!

Here’s the thing: Apples are the perfect fruit and a healthy carb. They’re even recommended for diabetics! AND, some type of apple always seems to be in season somewhere. So whether you are a SUMMER GRAB-AN-APPLE-N-GO fan or a FALL-CINNAMON-APPLE-PIE-FAN, this recipe is for you! This Skinny Apple Pie A La Mode Smoothie can be breakfast, lunch, snack, dessert, or all of the above if you really LOVE your apples!

According to

“An apple a day really might keep the doctor away. Toss one in your purse or tote bag if you’re on the go — a small apple is a great fruit choice, with just 54 calories and 14 carb grams. Apples are also loaded with fiber and a good source of vitamin C. Don’t peel your apples, though — the skins are full of antioxidants.”


I love a beautiful crisp, juicy apple AND I LOVE my NINJA! Can I hear an AMEN from my Ninja Fans out there? I use that thing for almost EVERYTHING! And, in honor of my friend Vanessa who works with the folks at Ninja Kitchen, I’ve created the perfect Skinny Apple Pie A La Mode Smoothie with my Nutri Ninja Auto IQ Blender! So Why wait? Let’s get this show on the road!



Skinny Apple Pie A La Mode Smoothie Recipe

As American as baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet, This Skinny Apple Pie A La Mode Smoothie is like eating dessert for breakfast! And good for you too!
Course Breakfast
Cuisine American
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 2
Recipe Creator Cinfully Simple


  • 1 Apple I like ambrosia or granny smith
  • 2 T . Chopped pecans totally optional
  • 1/2 c Greek yogurt
  • 2 tsp Madhava Ambrosia honey
  • 1 1/2 c gat free skim milk
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • dash nutmeg
  • dash ground
  • 2 Honey Made graham cracker squares


  1. Slice apple into 4 - no need to core it if you are using your Ninja. If you are Ninja-less 🙁 you can use a blender, but then core the apple if you do.
  2. Put apple and all other ingredients in your Ninja/blender and let her rip on high! For Nutri Ninja Auto IQ use the Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend setting.
  3. Pour that sweet Skinny Apple Pie Al a Mode Smoothie in a cup and NJOY! You WILL NOT want to share!


Pecans are optional. I like it with and without.
Non-dairy milk can be substituted.
Allspice can be subbed for clove and nutmeg.
Add more apple or honey to suit your tastes.


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Not a sponsored post unless you count the gifted Ninja! 😉

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