Welcome to our Snorkeling Thailand Photo Tour! The best snorkeling, worst accommodations, most interesting, strangely fantastic, culinary dream tour we’ve ever been on. I’m not even sure where to start. First, who knew that you could live aboard a snorkel boat (not a dive boat)? Second, not all “boats” or “luxury suites” are created equal. Third, just because you own a business dealing with people doesn’t mean you have to be nice. Fourth, when all else fails, if the food is good, people will love it!

The Andaman Snorkel Discovery was a terrific four days in that we saw things we’ve never seen, met new great people and got to buy really fun gear (see photo of our skins) to go, plus we had some of the best snorkeling of our lives. The downside? Our upgraded cabin was in the diesel section and the entire boat was let’s just say not clean and a level or two down from camping, and our captain/tour guide was a serious crab (not the beach walking kind nor the krab-Thai kind). It was like traveling with a pirate. AYYYYY Matey! He also lovingly (not) referred to us as “The Muppets” the entire trip (again see photo)–Not endearing, but we still laugh about it. 🙂

Cinfully Simple Snorkeling Thailand Andaman Sea-9

The food though. OMG some of the most amazing Thai dishes that you can imagine all with fresh fish caught from our very boat. We ate sea life that we never thought we would eat and we LOVED every mouthful. It was a culinary delight. So between that and the snorkeling and lying on the sun deck, we would go again? ABSOLUTELY! I know it sounds crazy. And, we’d tell you to go too!

P.S. We found NEMO!