Things to do in Atlanta, Georgia

I have a love-hate relationship with “Hotlanta”, and it’s not the “I love to hate it” relationship. Atlanta sports some great wildlife that I rarely see in other cities around the US. Maybe a little rivalry from Sydney, Australia, but that’s a different hemisphere. They only way to catch this great wildlife is to stay up really late and put your scouting hat on. But, before I describe this late night wildlife I want you to experience, I’d like to mention a few other Things to Do in: 1) Olympic Park (Centennial Park) – fun for all and really cool to see where the 1996 Summer Olympics were held. Careful around the water park unless you want your kids to get wet or you’d like to practice getting ready for a wet t-shirt contest.

Another hot spot in Atlanta is the Atlanta Aquarium! (Also known as the Georgia Aquarium.) How long can you hold your breath? I hope you can hold it long enough to get through the underwater tunnel! And, if you want to see a whale shark without having to endure the real adventure on the water in Mexico; you know the one, 6 hours on a small boat, sucking in diesel fumes from the other boats, sitting still in the big swells waiting for a sighting to be called in on the radio and then hurling your breakfast to the smaller fish while you bounce around trying to find one shark…just go to the aquarium. Besides, the jelly fish, dragon seahorses and beluga whales are a beautiful. Although I’m not a fan of any animal in captivity, it is a cool experience.

Now, for the real Atlanta Wildlife

Then, grab some dinner at any number of hot eateries and get ready for the real wildlife – the most amazing, tantalizing, spectacular, ‘are those really men?’, Drag Queens! There is no place on earth, at least that we have found but we’re still looking, that puts on a show  like these hot chicks do in Hotlanta! I’m still wondering “are those real?”, and “how did he…?”….oh, never mind. From the outfits to the outrageous fun, you’re in for some good, clean, entertainment. The small cover charge or one drink minimum may not break the bank, but bring your $1’s if you want to get up close to the ‘are they real things’. These hot ladies work hard for tips.

We discovered this late night wildlife by accident. We were lured to Atlanta multiple years in a row as we were the recipients of a very prestigious training award three years running. Still wanting to celebrate our accomplishment after the award ceremony, a large group of us ventured out. We weren’t seeking gay bars or a drag show, we were just looking for a place to have a drink and continue the fun. We were coming from a black-tie gala, completely dressed to the nines in our formal gowns and tuxes. We grabbed a cab and found this great bar, Lips, and they welcomed us in. Within moments we found the drag show in progress upstairs and realized we were in for a great time. Upon our arrival the lead singer stopped for lingering moment and announced to the crowd, “oh, look, the lesbian Grammies are here.”

Years later we happened to be back in Atlanta and I would like to share with you why I have a love-hate relationship with the city. The airport is hectic, it doesn’t exude southern hospitality. Get this, on my way to work one morning this guy was walking across the street in front of me, taking his sweet ole time when I had the green light and was waiting to hit the gas. As I was watching him, waiting for him to get out of my way, he just turned to me and flipped me off. Now that’s not a way for anyone to start their day at 6AM on a Sunday morning. “Bless his heart!”

During this more recent visit we were staying outside downtown and remembered the great shows that we had seen 10 years prior. Wanting to see if they were just as good as we remembered, we found a drag show in the suburbs near where we were staying. Not wanting to be disappointed, we lowered our expectations. Low and behold, Hotlanta scored again. The show in the burbs at Blake’s on the Park was amazing. The pictures aren’t the best, but you get the idea. We didn’t capture any pictures from the ’02, ’03 and ’04 shows as we had no place to store our phones or cameras in our lesbian Grammy formals.

We hope that you enjoy the Atlanta Wildlife as much as we do and fall in love as we did. Our love affair from Atlanta continues to blossom in more ways than you’ll ever know. Next visit back, we’ll try out Burkharts.

Dr. DP

Always hungry sidekick to #CinfullySimple. Professional eater with an insatiable appetite for food, life, travel and adventure! I go by #DrDP or #Doc

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