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Our recent #2WorldsCollideTour to Guam and Tokyo was amazeballs, and because we want you to feel like you are a part of the experience, we took lots of photos so you can join us on this Tokyo Japan Photo Tour!

Tokyo was never on my bucket list until we went through there coming back from Hong Kong a few years back and I said, “I want to see Tokyo next.” Dr DP was like, “What?” So I let it go until we had the opportunity to choose it as a layover city for our trip to Guam and it worked out perfectly. We had about 3 days in the city and we walked 25 miles in that 3 days and that didn’t even touch the surface of how large the amazing city of Tokyo is! But it wasn’t until we returned for our near 8-hour layover on the way back from Guam ┬áthat I realized how truly jam packed the small island is. The Sky tower gave us the best view of the entire city.

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I can honestly say that if you ever have the opportunity to go to Tokyo or Japan. GO! It’s a great cultural mashup of old and new, farm and city and has the most amazing and confusing (5 floors underground) train system we’ve ever seen.

Tokyo Japan Photo Tour

There are so many wonderful things to share about Tokyo. For starters it’s the cleanest city I’ve ever seen and it’s some of the most adventurous eating we’ve ever endeavored! ┬áBut the pictures tell most of the story…

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If you’re wondering how we get such great photos, we do it all on our iphone 7 plus using T-Mobile for the best worldwide connectivity. Thanks #Magenta!

Stay Tuned for the Guam Photo Tour!


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