Here’s a bar trivia question for the ages…How many total videos did Cinfully Simple post on YouTube during and after our #TourOfItaly

(Answer is at the bottom of this post.)

OMG! Do you ever feel like the items on your to do list are never going to get done? That’s the story of my life–I’d say “these days”, but it’s really since, well, ALWAYS! My to do lists even have to do lists! I have so many, both paper and electronic, that I can’t even seem to consolidate them all anymore. So…

TADA! The fact that we finally finished uploading the last of the Tour of Italy Videos this weekend was a BIG check mark off of our list! Go Us! 

Thanks to all of you for your validation and kind words about loving our social media posts, videos and living vicariously through us on our fabulous journey through Italy including a day or two in France!

From beautiful scenery to informative travel tips and sheer silliness, the #TourOfItaly Video Series is our greatest YouTube Achievement to date! I’m not sayin’ we’re tryin’ to be Rick Steves or anything–But, if he was looking for two really awesome lesbian side-kicks to add a little Food! Adventure! Fun! to his schtick we would NOT refuse! Toot! Toot! (That’s me tooting our travel horn!)

Along with some videos that you may have already seen, there are now several more #TourOfItaly videos out on our “CinfullySimple” YouTube channel. AND, there’s a sneak peak of a few of our favs coming up so if I may; can I encourage you to (please please pretty please with sugar on top) to go out to our YouTube Channel and watch our videos? And while you’re there, why not click to give us a thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE to our channel, too? That way you’ll know whenever we post new videos. How lucky are you?  SO L-U-C-K-Y!

We had SOOOOO much fun making these videos for you! We were cracking ourselves up. If you laugh even half as much as we did, we’ll consider it to be high praise!

Have I mentioned that we’re so stinking proud of ourselves and these videos that we hope you will be mesmerized enough to share them on your own social media pages? Or at the very least be entertained by our adventure addict antics in Italy and have a laugh for the day. Cuz’ I don’t know about you but with a to do list like mine, I could use a laugh or ten about now!


CC & Doc (tor DP)

Tour of Italy Video Roundup

What follows are some of our favorite picks in this Tour of Italy Video Roundup and keep scrolling all the way to the end because there you will find the ENTIRE Tour of Italy Series playlist! Which, also includes a glimpse into France and I might add will give you the answer to the aforementioned bar trivia question. But Hey! No Cheating!


Cuz’ you’ve gotta start with the funny!

Espresso Yourself!

The energy drink of Europe! When in Rome. While in Italy, Cinful Cindy consumed enough espresso to power a small country!

Exploring Cinque Terre, Italy

This is just ONE of our fav fab Cinque Terre Videos! Check them all out HERE and look out for talking shrimp heads!

Dr. DP’s Top Pick | CC & The Fast Train

Dr. DP’s personal favorite!

Tour of Italy | 17 Cities in 17 Days

What can I say, we had to get the most out of Italy and Dr. DP is like the energizer bunny on crack most of the time. So, Here’s the Recap! But hey, you’ve got to checkout our Highlights of Italy as well! For that matter, just watch them all!

CC’s Top Pick | Hot Flash! 

My personal favorite! Cuz’ #MenopauseSucks and the entire time in Italy was like one big fat HOT FLASH!

The Whole Kit & Kaboodle

So obviously, we love the funnier videos, but there’s plenty of informative one’s too! Enjoy the entire Tour of Italy Roundup/Series/Playlist below. If you’ll notice the little “hamburger” icon on the top left and click on it (three lines on top of each other with an arrow), you can choose any video in the whole series to watch! Saluti!

No I didn’t forget…


If you paid attention to the Video playlist above, you already know the answer. If not, we Posted a whopping

38 Tour of Italy Videos!

And you can find them all on our YouTube Channel, HERE!


Super foodie sidekick to #DrDP; digital storyteller, part time ginger and queen of convenience with more ideas than time. I go by #CC #CinfulCindy #CinfullySimple

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