New Cinfully Simple Website Its here

Welcome to the NEW Cinfully Simple! New Site! New Store! New Features!

I’m sure you’ve been seeing those COMING SOON teasers for the last few days on social media. Thank you for your patience! It’s true, we’ve kept you in suspense but no longer my friends and Cinners! It’s OFFICIAL! WE HAVE A NEW WEBSITE!

The NEW Cinfully Simple

We are SO excited to share the BRAND NEW CINFULLY SIMPLE SITE WITH YOU! WOOT! It’s been a long time coming and the Cinfully Simple crew have put some serious blood, sweat, late nights and tears into this one. Ok, mostly Cinful Cindy (CC) Jill of All Trades that she is, can now add web developer to her growing list of qualifications! She Rocks! 

Our goal with the NEW WEBSITE was to have it be clean and straightforward, crisp and modern. AND we wanted to put the focus on the things that matter, FOOD! ADVENTURE! FUN! All the things we (#CCnDoc) are famous for. 

We know the best sites are those that don’t need instructions and we’d like to think we have accomplished that with the new and improved Cinfully SIMPLE! But just in case you’re not the kind of person who loves change, here are a few tips that will help you find your way around. R U Ready? Here we GO! 

Fair Warning: This is largely a get you acquainted &  HOW TO use the new site post so please, feel free to skim along at your own pace. 🙂


Ok, look up and to the right. That’s the NEW MENU. Short, sweet and to the point. WE LOVE THIS NEW MENU, because it will (unobtrusively) follow you down the page even on mobile! Which means you will never be anything but a click away from another section of the site or a search box! Cool right? 

Menu Buttons

New Cinfully Simple Menu

The following are all the MENU BUTTON DESCRIPTIONS in order. We’ll go in order so you know how to find what you want!

GO – Just Scroll and GO!

New Cinfully Simple Site GO PAGE

Our GO page is the new HOME, ABOUT and STOREFRONT. It’s the catchall for all the important stuff happening on the Blog. When in Doubt, GO HOME! Here’s the rundown of the GO PAGE:

This new site is kinda like us; what you see is what you get. You won’t find any long and crazy bios on this site. If you want more, you can always visit our CONTACT options. If you scroll the GO page you will find SO MANY COOL THINGS! Here’s a list of what you can find on the GO page:

Cut to the chase with our new BLOG button. Right there in the middle of the chiles photo (above). If you just want to read the latest, this link takes you straight to the blog archive, with the most recent posts on top! 

Next, links to the all important FOOD! ADVENTURE! FUN! pages! Each icon (silverware, plane, martini) will take you to a corresponding page on the site.

Food Adventure Fun Buttons

Our MISSION and Snippet BIOS of your Cinfully Simple crew, Cinful Cindy (CC), Dr. Double Portions (DrDP) and of course HRH Princess Kota Kitty (PK) plus all of our social media links. Please remember that sharing is sexy! 

Snippet Bios of the Cinfully Simple Crew

Our SUBSCRIBE FORM – Wanna know what’s cookin’ at Cinfully Simple? Input your name and email and we will keep you updated when we post new stuff. WE WILL NEVER SPAM YOU or share your info! Pinky swear promise! 

Link to our NEW ZAZZLE STORE! We have made up some pretty great designs and put them on products just for you! (Your purchase helps keep the oven runnin’. We get a small royalty).

CINFUL THINGS YOU CAN HAVE TOO—Links to some of our FAVORITE products available for purchase at Amazon. We want you to have the things we love too! (We make a small commission on your purchase).

BLOG – RECENT POSTS – The latest 12 posts are listed here so you can see what you’ve missed! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE FOR UPDATES so you don’t miss a thing! 

Cinfully Simple Recent Blog Posts

HIRE US & CONTACT FORM Anyone can contact us using this form including potential brands who want to WORK WITH US! We DO stand out in a crowd! 

Hire Us and Contact Form

FOOTER/BOTTOM OF PAGE contains our TIP JAR yep, if you’re feeling tipsy, we knead the dough! ???? There is also another SEARCH option here. The footer shows off many of our affiliations and honors, like our International Blogger Association Excellence badge and our Top 100 Blogs badge! We’re super proud of our accomplishments and you’ve helped us get here. Thank you!


Recipes, CinS kitchen hacks and more. All the things you loved about the old Cinfully Simple, still here!

Cinfully Simple Food Page


We’ve enhanced our Adventure section and will be bringing you MORE travel antics and YouTubery! Including a new Award Winning Photos Gallery and Photo Tours, too!

Cinfully Simple Adventure Page


This is a feed from several of our social media sites, even if you don’t have a Facebook account, you can see what’s going on in our world, RIGHT NOW!

Cinfully Simple Fun Page


We have a NEW CINFULLY SIMPLE STORE on Zazzle! When you click the SHOP link it will take you directly to the store (it will open in a new tab). We hope you will check out all the great products and designs we’ve created with you in mind! FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR STORE HERE! To celebrate our NEW STORE and the NEW SITE, we’ll be doing a Cinfully Simple GIVEAWAY SOON! Subscribe now so you don’t miss it

Introducing the New Cinfully Simple Zazzle Store


This link will take you to all of the posts related to Happy Hour! Simple as that! 

Cinfully Simple Happy Hour Page


This section lists all of our blog posts from the beginning of time with the newest on top so you never have to wonder what you’ve missed! Plus all of our Blog pages have COOL NEW SIDEBARS with fun features like share and follow buttons plus shopping opportunities from our partners! CHECK IT OUT! 

Cinfully Simple Blog Archives Page


Clicking on contact will bring up three other buttons…

Contact Button Options

SUBSCRIBE – This is the best way to stay in the know about what’s happening at Cinfully Simple! Fill out the form on this page to SUBSCRIBE FOR UPDATES. We never share your info or spam you and you can unsubscribe at any time. 

GET IN TOUCH – This is our CONTACT FORM. ANYTIME YOU NEED US you can CLICK HERE and send us a note!

WORK WITH US – This is where you can find our MEDIA KIT and find out more about how we work with the brands we love! So if you’re looking to hire some super savvy, fun, food-loving, world travelers and adventure addicts? We’re your girls! Need someone smooth to Mystery Shop your brand? Press Trip? Honest Review? Spokespeople? That’s us too! There is nothing more satisfying for us than working with brands we love. Visit this link for more info!


Use the search feature to search for anything you might be looking for on our site. Just type in a keyword and hit SEARCH!

Cinfully Simple Search Button

There is so much more to discover on the NEW CINFULLY SIMPLE site so please explore and click and scroll to your heart’s content! 

Having Trouble?

If there’s something you like or want to see more of, please LET US KNOW.. And most importantly, if something looks weird or isn’t working (like a link) please TELL US so we can fix it. Migrations of websites are never perfect and we can use your eagle eyes to catch things we didn’t.  If you CONTACT US about a problem please provide as much detail as possible! THANK YOU!

Thank you’s and Acknowledgements

Our sincere thanks to Emily Journey for training us to do this ourselves and for constantly encouraging us to power through the technical challenges to make this a reality. And to Skyler Malley of Firestarter SEO for being a safety net during launch!

Thanks also to all of you, our Cinfully Simple Cinners! We do this for you! Thanks for continuing to inspire us!

If you want to know more about how you can support Cinfully Simple, please visit our Blogucation post and our New Store Announcement. Plus there’s always that Tip Jar (yep, keep scrolling, right down there to the bottom). 😉


Super foodie sidekick to #DrDP; digital storyteller, part time ginger and queen of convenience with more ideas than time. I go by #CC #CinfulCindy #CinfullySimple