We may not have launched our new, fancy website, but we are about to launch on our fancy trip to Italy…using tons of Starwood Hotel points, these two back packers are staying in 5 Star palaces throughout the country…

As I, Dr. Double Portions, focus on the Adventures section of Cinfully Simple, I started thinking about where to begin writing about Europe; should I write of my hiking through the muddy fields of England, starving to death with the tiny portions served in France, the unexpected tour of the torture museum in Brussels,buying ‘drip stops’ in Switzerland, the peace and comfort you can still have when you lose a credit card in a safe place like Austria, or being in Germany on the Ramstein Airforce Base during the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center? But a few weeks ago we decided to go to Italy, so I find myself consumed right now trying to figure out Where To Go In Italy?

Having never been to Italy, and fearful of the money we might spend on leather, shoes, glass, or some latest fashion, I didn’t know where do to start planning our trip. Where should  we go? What must we see? How long should we stay in each city? Where should we stay? How do we get from one city to the next? Should we do the more touristy western coast or the Italian Riviera eastern coast? I was clueless.

We landed on the most logical criteria for deciding Where to Go in Italy – Pinterest photos! We looked at Cinfully Simple’s Pinterest pages: “Holy Bucket List” and “World Adventure Addicts” to see which photos came from Italy.

On these Pinterest boards we found photos of colorful houses in a row, scenic cliff-side towns, orange umbrellas on a beach and a pink sand beach – all in Italy. Our itinerary was set; ‘let’s see them all.’

Having been called the Executive VP of Travel and Entertainment by my father-in-law, I figured that I better live up to that reputation. So I mapped out a route that will allows us to see the colorful houses of Burano, the cliff-side town of Cinque Tierre, the orange umbrellas of Positano in the Amalfi Coast, the pink sand beach (Spiaggia Rosa Beach) in the Archipelago Islands and a side trip to enjoy the best pizza on earth in Naples, according to Eat, Pray, Love.

In the customary, amazing race style of CC and Dr. DP, we will be covering 9 cities in 19 days. The goal of these ‘exploratory trips’ is not to come home well rested, rejuvenated, and bloated – that’s what Mexico is for – but to return home completely exhausted and spent yet emotionally fulfilled. In mapping out our Italy trip, this goal should be accomplished as our overly aggressive, absolutely insane itinerary that I’m calling our Taste of Italy looks something like this:

Where to Go in Italy – Our Taste of Italy Tour

May 7 Arrive in Nice, France catch the train to Monte Carlo
May 7-9 Monte Carlo – Hotel: Le Meridian Beach Resort
May 9-11 by train to Cinque Terre – 2 nights hotel unknown – probably catch a room in Vernazza
May 11-12 by train to Milan (the fashion capital of the world) – Hotel: The Westin Palace
May 12-14 by train to Venice (with a day trip to Murano and Burano) – Hotel: The Gritti Palace – A Luxury Collection Hotel
May 14-17 by plane to Naples, grab a slice of pizza and then drive to Positano on the Amalfi Coast – no hotel booked yet – possibly a night on the Isle of Capri?
May 17-21 by plane to the island of Sardinia  – Hotel: Residence Liscia di Vacca (timeshare through Interval International). From here we’ll spend a day in the La Maddalena Archipelago (Islands) to snap a picture of the pink sand beach (Spiaggia Rosa) from a private boat tour.
May 21-23 by plane to Rome (pick-pocket capital of the world, but that’s okay, we wont have any money left by now, besides we bought pick pocket proof clothing) – Hotel: St. Regis (where we’ll have a private butler – how cool is that!)
May 23 Homeward bound – completely exhausted and spent yet emotionally fulfilled!
Dr DP Wearing Pick Pocket Safe Clothing - pants, vest and scarf

Dr DP Wearing Pick Pocket Safe Clothing – pants, vest and scarf.

The biggest learnings so far in Preparing Our Taste of Italy Tour is that pick-pocket proof clothing is a must (see links below), for long flights a butt pillow makes for happy travelers and the Europeans certainly make it easy to get around thanks to their trains and regional jets.

Pick-Pocket Proof Clothing

Pick-Pocket Proof Pants by Clothing Arts – great customer service. Their business traveler pants are skinny legged (not my style) but the cargo pants are going to be great.
Travel vest (I’ve been using mine for years): ScotteVest Q.U.E.S.T. vest  – 42 pockets and I’ve even carried my computer in the back pocket before.
And, the newest find, and must have, is the hidden pocket travel scarf from Shold-it!

Pac Safe Gear

Butt Pillow

Need a hotel, like we still do…we used Starwood points for the major cities – Thank you Starwood and American Express – (click on the photos below for SPG Hotels and United Vacations). For the smaller towns we plan on using AirBnB. Speaking of that, we leave in two days so I better finish booking the rest of this trip. Stay tuned for the actual tour so that you’ll know Where to Go in Italy!


Dr. DP

Always hungry sidekick to #CinfullySimple. Professional eater with an insatiable appetite for food, life, travel and adventure! I go by #DrDP or #Doc

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JILL MONTERA · 05/04/2016 at 12:31 PM

Oh My Gosh……PLEEEEEEASE post lots of pictures ( I do my living through you guys). Have a blast, it sounds amazing 🙂

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