Looking to hire some super savvy, fun, food-loving, world travelers and adventure addicts? We’re your girls! Need someone smooth to Mystery Shop your brand? Press Trip? Honest Review? Spokespeople? That’s us too! Why should you Hire Cinfully Simple? Because there is nothing more satisfying for us than working with brands we love!

Our Media Kit

Here’s our Media Kit, and If you REALLY want to SEE us in action, check out our YouTube Channel, then fill out the contact form below to get in touch!

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Hire Us

What We Do

  • Mystery Shoppers
  • Press Trips
  • Tourism Partnerships
  • TV- Host your new travel show perhaps?
  • Influencer Relationships
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Native Advertising
  • Guest Bloggers
  • Spokespeople
  • Honest Reviews (food, restaurants, accommodations, transportation, wines, apps, kitchen and tech gadgets, etc.)
  • Keynotes – Topic: You’re a great blogger but can you speak?
  • Co-branded Giveaways
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Recipe Development
  • Travel Advice

How We Do It

At the risk of tooting our own horn, if you mention “The Girls” or #CCnDoc to our personal and professional circles, they will tell you that we are by nature, influencers and networkers. People who know us often refer to us as the dynamic duo, and sometimes even the magnetic duo. It’s likely we’ve never met a stranger. But, please don’t take our word for it, find out for yourself. 🙂

People relate to us because we’re REAL. We’re like them. We’re Like you. 

Many have suggested that we should have been on the Amazing Race. So far we’ve been living our own amazing race. We often do things that people don’t expect–like bungee jump off of the Kawaru Bridge in New Zealand, Safariing in Africa, buying a condo on a tiny island in Mexico or swimming with dolphins in the wild. Because of that, people love to live vicariously through our adventures. We love that! It fuels us to create adventures (and food) that make you want MORE! We like helping people experience things, whether it’s in the kitchen or as a couch adventurer.

Aside from our fun and adventurous sides; it may surprise you to know we both have extensive background in public speaking, organizational development, executive coaching, and we have a significant amount of Customer Experience (CX) knowledge and background, as consumers, facilitators and on the delivery side. We were even serious business book authors at one time!

We are proud of our serial entrepreneur nature and are fond of saying we have more ideas than time! If Richard Branson can do it, so can we! 😉 If you’re interested in our alter egos, click HERE,  HERE and HERE!

There is no question that we have several balls in the air at once but that’s what makes us effective at what we do–We believe in working smarter! Besides, you know the saying…“If you want something done, hire the busiest person to do it!” 

What are you waiting for? Let’s get this party started!



“Watching you mingle with my group of clients is a really amazing, within minutes you were like old friends.”

~Matt T, FSI

“…You’re the ultimate pros and a complete pleasure to work with. You nailed the wine-tasting How-to’s. The styling and photography are first-rate and your creativity and ideas smart, fresh and original. Importantly for the brands we work with at Creative Palate, you speak to and connect with an audience of mainstream wine-and-food lovers – folks who are all too often overlooked in our world. You’re talented, professional and have a real flair for making everything you work on look like a heck of a lot of fun. As time passes, I hope we can look forward to more opportunities to work together. We and our clients have been blown away by the response generated by your work with our wines.”
~Jane & Kate, Creative Palate Communications

“Cinfully Simple is a great partner for our brand! They are very pro-active in engaging with our brand, coming up with new recipes and sharing photos of our products.  Their genuine, authentic enthusiasm for the products they love comes through in the blog and social media presence.”
~Brandy G, Marketing Manager, NestFresh Eggs

“Incredible energy is what comes to mind when I think of Cinfully Simple… Obvious passion, excitement and dedication to work comes through in every interaction be it online or offline. Developing a personality through social media and blogging can be a difficult task. Cinfully Simple is a rockstar in this realm. Their skill for storytelling will mesmerize you and leave you wanting more. Working with Cindy & Dr. DP was a joy, not just because of  their character and skill, but dependability and excellent communication, too. Anyone would be lucky to work with Cinfully Simple!”
~Kristen S, Formerly of Zomato

Google Analytics Disclosure

Please note that on April 28th, 2017, we were forced to create a new Google Analytics account, in which we were unfortunately unable to migrate Cinfully Simple’s previous historical data. Thus, online searches for our data will not be accurate. If you require proof of pageviews, we were able to obtain PDF copies of our 3-year aggregate and our last year of analytics data. Please contact us if you require this information or you could just take our word for it! 😉 Thank you.